TIJ 2.5

Cartridge systems have had their place in marking ink technology for a long time. Not only do they offer a simple and clean change of ink and cartridges with high resolution prints but also with special inks are suitable for a variety of many different substrates. prometho belongs to the pioneers of developers for inks for industrial marking cartridges and has been manufacturing marking inks for cartridge systems for a long time. Specialities of TIJ 2.5 cartridge systems are inks:

as well as polymer inks.

The inks which are developed and manufactured by us are optimally adapted for each application to find the best solution within the area of conflict between cartridge and substrate. With good decap time and storage our inks offer exceptional behaviour and a perfect print on the substrate.

We offer these inks as remanufactured ink cartridges in "virgin quality" (first refill) and for our OEM customers also as bulk.

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