With many things and activities in our daily life chemistry plays a role.
Whether it's the cleaning and care of furniture, dishes or textiles, a drive in the car or the production of products, which are part of everyday life, there is a chemical substance or process involved everywhere, accompanying us everywhere we go. That's why we have to look for balance in our rapidly-changing world, so that life on earth is fair. To this belongs the protection of the environment and using natural resources in such a way to achieve and sustain this balance. In detail, this means we have to work with the demands our work puts on the environment. This includes the treatment of contaminated air, exhaust fumes and sewage as well as product and product-oriented environmental protection.

And who could do that better, than people, who are active in the field of chemistry?

Even before a new product is developed we check all possible raw materials in detail according to the following criteria:

  • Renewable resources which do not compete with foodstuff
  • Social fairness
  • Country of origin (shipping)
  • Process (consumption of resources)
  • Harmlessness
  • Recyclability

During development our work is resource-friendly and we avoid waste by recycling. In the further development of existing products we substitute hazardous products with non-hazardous products wherever possible. We ourselves reduce the materials we use to a minimum, ensure that the materials are frequently reused and we use the energy needed to its full capacity. We are also very careful in selecting our ingredients. We keep our manufacturing processes as simple as possible and our energy consumption as low as possible to ensure that the results of our developments provide resource friendly and sustainable recipes and products.



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