Security labelling

The damage caused by counterfeit products reaches new dimensions every year. In 2013 German customs seized 3.9 million counterfeit products with a value of 134 million euros. According to information from German machine and plant construction piracy of products costs the sector around 8 billion euros in turnover every year. This is the equivalent of 30.000 jobs. In extreme cases imitations may cost lives: Counterfeit medicine, car or aircraft parts of lesser quality can have life threating consequences. (Source: Handelsblatt of 2014-04-26).

In addition to the purely physical damage caused by lost sales, the image loss or damage caused by unjustified claims can be several times higher.

Secure protection against product counterfeiting and piracy can not exist, but the definite ID of one's own products can and thus the distinction between original and fake.

We offer security marking inks and marker, which

 make coats / prints invisible

 can be added to existing ink color or coatings

For standard applications our uniScript offers various UV-readable inks with simple security markings and recognition with uncomplicated methods.

For more ambitious security markings we have developed various security ink systems in our tiered security concept under the name secuScript, which is tailor-made to customer specification to allow for secure product ID.




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