Product marking

The variety of packaging marked every day with use-by dates, product information or machine readable bar codes is completely overwhelming. There are just as many variations in types of paper in postal items which are automatically addressed and franked by lettershops. However, here it is exactly the refining layers which are affixed which determine the surface features of the material. And the print on every one of these surfaces has to be optically perfect and machine readable. But this is not enough: while doing conversion work on a machine or during an unplanned stop the ink in the cartridge must not dry out.


Know How

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And for exactly this purpose we have developed our cartaScript for product and packaging marking and for lettershop and mailing applications.

As a cartridge system (TIJ2.5) the typical fields of applications for cartaScript are the marking of:

  • Primary and secondary packaging, folding boxes
  • Lettershop applications, addressing for mail shots and postal items
  • Marking product packaging with machine readable barcodes or data matrix codes e.g. for the pharmaceutical industry.

cartaScript inks have been especially developed for product marking and lettershop applications, here follows our illustrative list:

cartaScript 12109 black

  • extremely sharp edges, lightfast on pigment/water based for a variety of types of paper
  • can be open a long time
  • very good contrast.


cartaScript 11139 black

  • sharp edges on a dye base
  • can be open a long time
  • good contrast.

cartaScript 12127 blue

  • sharp edges, lightfast ink on a pigment/water base
  • can be open for a long time
  • colour: blue.

cartaScript 11131 red

  • sharp edges ink on a dye base
  • extremely long opening time
  • good contrast
  • colour: red.


A little out of the ordinary, but it fits in well here:

metaScript 21150 black

  • sharp edges ink on a dye/solvent base
  • can be open a long time
  • for non-absorbant substrates
  • operation with standard "water stettings" possible.


You can find information about supplying OEM inks here.




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