Pigment preparations

An important requirement for a successful end product is not only the perfect formulation but also of course quality and the correct choice of the ingredients which are used. With Varionyl® we offer our customers micropigment preparations for the manufacture of:

in different colours and adjusted to the respective end product. We guarantee availability and consistently high quality and with our specialists we are at your disposal for customised solutions. We also offer Varionyl® as a sustainable alternative or for food applications.

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Know How

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In order to manufacture marking inks we go that one step further and offer our customers colour solutions along with suggested recipes as a "building block" for manufacturing their own products. These colour solutions are:

  • Water-based or
  • Ethanol based

and available in different colours such as black, blue, green etc. All suggested recipes depend on the application. "As if it were made just for you."




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