ovoScript hp: ink for marking eggshells


ovoScript is an ink for use in many different printing and cartridge systems to print on eggshells and other foods. An independent audit has confirmed this ink for marking eggs.

Product Features at a glance

  • Harmless ink for marking eggs,
  • Conforms to LFGB (formerly LMBG)
  • Conforms to the EC regulation No. 889/2008 and directive 94/36/EC
  • FDA version available
  • In cartridges hp® Series 626 and 645
  • Excellent start-stop behavior
  • Variable printhead distance up to 18 mm
  • Complete emptying of the cartridge
  • Adjusted for a whole range of printing systems
  • Red and blue as a standard, black, green, magenta or other colours are possible by request.

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