Food marking

One of our core competencies is developing and manufacturing food inks for nearly all industrial marking technology systems and digital printing applications. We collaborate with independent and renowned institutes to confirm the suitability of our inks for food marking. From the outset many of our marking inks fulfil the requirements for indirect food contact.

Indirect contact with food means all objects that come into contact with food due to their purpose.  Here we can name egg shells or the underside of film as examples. There are applicable regulations, for example

  • the Food, Articles of Daily Need and German Food and Feed Code (LFGB)
  • Act (EC) No. 889/2008
  • Directive 94/36/EC

Our classic ovoScript in various colours and for different printing systems has been available to our customers for many years for this application.

Moreover GrüneTinte® (Green Ink), our sustainable alternative from renewable resources, is also siutable for indirect food contact.


Know How

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If food is printed onto directly, the ink has to be suitable for eating, this deals with edible inks.  As these inks are to be considered similar to food, the applicable regulations take effect, such as

  • Additive Approval Laws
  • Directive (EC) No. 178/2002

cibuScript are our inks which are suitable for direct contact with food.

In the meantime more and more customers require inks according to the regulations of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ovoScript, our ink for marking eggshells is already available in a so called FDA version. More products are to come.

Are you interested in FDA approved products? Please contact us.

A controversial topic is AZO dyes in food and therefore also in food inks which are suitable for eating.  They are suspected of triggering allergies and hyperactivity. Since 20th July 2010 there has been an obligation to declare 6 AZO dyes in accordance with the European Union Directive 1333/2008. Therefore we offer alternative inks for CIJ and cartridge systems which are guaranteed free from AZO dyes with no labelling obligations.

Our overriding aim in all our developments is to replace contents which have always been thought of as dangerous. Therefore here we work on using non-hazardous and natural alternatives.



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