Digital printing inks

The development and production of inks for digital printing are the logical outcome of the continuous development of our company. Not only do digital printing systems have more and more use in traditional labelling/marking sectors, they in fact offer an extremely flexible possibility to print small lot sizes individually and in very high quality. For prints in consistent high quality it is the ink, adjusted to the print head and substrate, which is the deciding factor. Alongside the printing head control the ink is THE "software"of the printing machine.


Know How

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We offer digital printing inks for selected printing heads in CMYK and Hexachrome and special colours such as white. Our digital printing inks are water based. As a smart special type and as an alternative to UV hardening systems we have developed Polymerink®, a water based ink developed with special functional polymers. We DO NOT manufacture any UV hardening systems.

We manufacture digital printing inks as an OEM product or develop and manufacture to customer specifications. This means we can give the ink exactly the features you require.




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