Inks & Print colours

You won't find alternative inks or standard products here. Our product range Script, TIJ 2.5 and OEM printing colours and inks offers selected distributors, manufacturers and system integrators a brand for a variety of special applications for most common marking systems, such as Continuous Inkjet- (CIJ) or Drop-on-Demand- (DoD) systems, e.g. inks:

as well as polymer inks as an alternative to UV curing inks.


Know How

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Our many years of experience mean we know what is important for each individual printing system and their respective printing requirements. We know the ingredients which make a perfect ink and the alternatives for dyes, pigments, solvents, binders and additives. And of course we know the substances which do not belong in an ink. This means we can evaluate various effects. With this know-how we are able to support our customers with individually tailored marking and printing inks. Furthermore we assure delivery even in the case when there is a shortfall of raw materials. We guarantee AVAILABILITY!

With our pre-products ink manufacturers can be sure of continuously manufactured high quality inks. With our seal of approval "Inkjet approved" we support ink manufacturers by request who want to be absolutely sure about their ink production.



You are a printing device manufacturer, distributor or system integrator and interested in receiving OEM inks? Then contact us:

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