Chemical services / custom Development

The world of tomorrow belongs to those who have a vision today

Visions are the impulse of a company, but you can rarely live from visions.

Our expertise in the field of printing inks, inks and surface treatment is what makes your visions a real success. Together with you we develop innovative products or production processes which clearly make you superior to the competition.

We keep the value of your formulations

Formulations are not only the basis for the manufacture of the products of a company's products, they determine the success and thus the value of the company. Important prerequisites to maintain this value or even increase it, are secure availability and quality of raw materials and feed stocks.

With the discontinuation of materials by the manufacturer or with any quality fluctuations the value of your formulation is also at risk. Offered substitutes often lead to different results. We check alternative ingredients for inkjet suitability and assign them only our seal of approval "inkjet approved" after fulfilment of our rigorous test criteria. This service aimed at manufacturers alternative ingredients, so they can guarantee the success of their customers.

We can help you add value to your formulation. With substitution and alternative development research, we not only ensure that your product is within the REACh registration deadlines, but also for the use of innovative chemistry.

... and then make your product, perhaps a bit better!


Know How

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We can improve your product

For many years prometho has developed chemical products for all tasks related to "surface". In customizing we solve surface problems from the industrial environment.

In all activities confidentiality and discretion are essential. Therefore you will not find any of our partners' names in the listed exemplary project and development activities. You can rely on this.

We work holistically and think laterally. The selection of our routes may appear unconventional, but success proves us right. The clever application of modern natural and engineering technology coupled with the know-how of high-tech materials leads us to new products and amazing results.

Whether it comes to optimizing existing and developing new products: prometho is your competent partner.

Successful companies don't live from visions. They thrive on realizing them.

We develop

  • Inks / Printing colors
  • Products from renewable resources
  • Security labelling
  • Functional coatings
  • Microencapsulation-Technology
  • Sol-Gel-Technology
  • Pigment pastes
  • Cleaning Systems

We formulate suggested formulations

  • Products from renewable resources
  • Optimization of existing prescriptions through the use of suitable additives
  • Conversion of solvent systems to water-based systems
  • Preparation of suggested formulations for desired applications

We investigate the use of renewable raw materials

  • Use of color made from renewable resources
  • Exchange questionable additives by safe products made from renewable resources
  • Substitution of ketones and methanol in ink by bioalcohol and appropriate additives
  • Innovative cleaners based on renewable raw materials
  • Exchange of critical high boilers by the use of plant esters




How can we support you?

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